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Advertising photography involves creating photography that will be used for advertising or marketing purposes. This type of photography may also be used for film or television production. Advertising photography includes stills, portraits, TV promos, movies, corporate advertisements, and other graphic or digital advertisements. Advertising photographers must have a great eye for detail and creativity. They are often required to work in groups to create the best images possible for a client.

Advertising photographers have a very specific job description when working for a company. This type of photography is very different than the type of photography that would be used by a fashion photographer, for example. An advertising photographer's job is to create imagery that will advertise a product or service in a way that will attract the interest of consumers

Have you ever wondered what's so great about doing menswear advertising shoots in Mumbai? Well, if you are new to menswear advertising, then you might not know that such campaigns work and get a positive response. Advertising professionals know how to make the campaign interesting for the target audience. A good commercial can have many implications in terms of brand recall. Hence, it's very important to approach this in a planned manner.

Editorial photos is the term used for any kind of photography, that is created by a magazine's staff and used for publication. There are many subcategories within this field. Many magazines will use an editor's photography to accompany a story.

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