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Advertising Photographer

If you are a new advertising photographer and have been approached by many clients about photographic work, and being used for marketing, you will need to be prepared. The client is paying you to do a job – one that you are not equipped or experienced to do. So, what do you do? Here are a few things to remember when approaching an advertisement photographer with a request for photographic work.advertising photography

– Get the portfolios and samples of work from prospective clients.

Try to get a representative from each potential company to review your portfolio with you. Look through the samples and ask if they can contact you to further assess your work. You may want to consider preparing a portfolio yourself or have a professional photographer create a sample for you.

– Prepare a list of the types of photographs you will be doing for the clients. You should be able to explain the types of imagery to them briefly. Know your main focus for the work so that you will not be spending too much time describing your work.

– Determine the frequency of the work. You may have to agree to a schedule for several months or a season. Having a regular schedule in place allows you to plan ahead for the work. If you cannot agree to a schedule in stone, at least set up a general idea of how long you would like to work for the client. A reputable advertisement photographer will work as close to the budget as possible so that you can deliver the highest quality work.

– Do not sign a contract or agreement, until you and the client have discussed all the terms of the work.

Keep in mind that you are the one paying the bills, so you should be comfortable with what you are agreeing to. A good professional will discuss all issues thoroughly before any work is done. Agreeing to the terms of a project early allows you to make revisions if necessary.face expressions for photoshoot

– Review the contract once the work has been completed. If you are happy with the contract, then you can sign it, but keep in mind that once the contract has been signed, you are the only one who can remove or modify anything within the contract.

– Always be honest with the client.

Do not withhold photographs from them until they are fully satisfied with the work they have commissioned. A good advertisement photographer will ask for a copy of the photography portfolio or work history before starting any work on a new project. They will also ask for information about your current lifestyle and how long you plan to keep working. Keep in mind that if you have to stop working because of financial difficulties, this could affect the outcome of the work completed.

– Do your best to be on time for work. Nothing ruins a photography shoot more than finding that you are late for a session. If possible, try to be at least a couple of days behind the schedule. In addition, making sure that you are insured, carrying a list of your contacts as well as a list of clients that you regularly work with will help your client feel that you are a reliable professional.


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