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Editorial Photos

Editorial photos is the term used for any kind of photography, that is created by a magazine’s staff and used for publication. There are many subcategories within this field. Many magazines will use an editor’s photography to accompany a story.

Other publications will have their own in-house z department. There is even a place in some newspapers and magazines for freelance photographers. There are usually several photographers based in one office. They take photos on specific subjects for the magazine, often with a special theme.

These subjects may be feature stories or simply interesting objects.Fashion Photoshoot

There are many factors that go into selecting the best images for an editorial feature.

Different kinds of magazines tend to have Editorial photos their own particular guidelines for choosing images for an editorial feature. Many fashion and beauty magazines require images of models wearing flattering clothing and outfits.

A jewellery magazine may want to show images of beautiful bridal gowns. The guidelines for selecting images for magazine features often vary by publication.

They may be the same for children’s magazines and home articles, or they may be quite different.

An editorial photo can have multiple meanings.

Other people may see the photo as tasteful and appropriate for a magazine feature. Even the photographer who took the image may feel it is appropriate to feature it. In the editorial photo industry, the term “Editorial” has several different meanings.

It can mean a marketing feature, and sometimes refers to news coverage. Newsstand publications and magazine spreads often carry editorial photos.

If a magazine does not have its own magazine section, it may be called an “Opinion magazine”


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