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Fashion Clothes

Fashion Clothes

The decade of the sixties had a massive effect on women’s fashion clothes, as well as men’s fashion. It’s common to think that the fifties and sixties were the “easy” hats to wear and that you couldn’t go wrong with any of these pieces. In fact, many would say that the fifties and sixties are THE age for fashion. After all, how many decades have we been wearing the same clothes? There was a sort of uniformity in the designs of clothing during those years. Thus, it follows that if a style is popular at the time, it’s likely to be popular for a very long time.models female india

During the decade, a lot of womenswear designers ventured into the realm of fashion, particularly for the US market. In addition to this, movies such as Moonlighting and Casablanca gave rise to certain styles of dresses and pants that were instantly recognizable. However, some fashion stylists argue that there wasn’t a complete fashion revolution in the 1960s.

So, what fashion trends did really arrive in the 1960s? Well, one of the biggest changes was in the realm of figure-flattering clothing.

Another major change in the fashion industry was in menswear. Cardigans also became more popular in this era. They were not just for cold winters anymore: they gave the wearer a slim look. Thus, the decade progressed to the decade of the figures. Yet, the decade also witnessed an important shift in menswear. The development of the hippy/counterculture generation heralded a new look in menswear. Thus, Hippies wore t-shirts and wore long hair. The image of a “cool guy” reached a whole new level during this time.

One of the most noticeable changes in the fashion scene during this period was the wearing of a certain type of clothing called Quant.designer photographers

Named after legendary British musician (and actor) Peter Tosh, Quant featured a range of iconic pieces such as the pink Peter Atkins jersey, which helped him attain a cult following with its easy-to-wear appeal. Though not exactly a trend, the wearing of Quant by these artists established a new genre of clothing – the “Quant”.

However, the seventies did witness a return to hippie chic. The three created the most popular tees of the time, namely the classic tee, the square tee, and the three-piece suit. These tees represented a return to the roots of fashion and represented a bold and edgy image that was influenced by the ideas of hippie culture.

Thus, the eighties witnessed yet another major change in menswear.

That decade saw the rise of menswear designer Ed Hardy, who made a name for himself with his unique sense of style. Thanks to the menswear trend that stemmed from the iconic images depicted by the likes of the Rolling Stones and the Sex Pistols, and George Harrison, we are witnessing a sea change in the styles and trends of our generation.

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