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Nail Trends Would You Like To Try?

Nail Trends Would You Like To Try?

There is a never ending list of nail trends that have been introduced and developed since the beginning of nail fashion. However, one of the most popular trends to emerge from this time is nail colour. Nail colour has been a part of fashion since the ancient Chinese times, with emperors and royalty having beautiful yellow or white fingernails. In the past few decades nail polish and nail art have become big business and many women now have their own creative sense of what they want on their nails and they are not limited to the traditional shades of red, blue and green.

It’s interesting to note that back in the day, when it came to nail colour, girls were quite conservative, staying away from vibrant shades such as burgundy, orange and neon green. However, this trend has changed in the recent years and now women can freely choose from several different nail tones. The great thing about this is that we are now seeing a greater variety of nail colours as well as nail art. Here are some of the latest nail fashion trends that are hot right now:

Glittery nails are back! Glitter is again a popular nail polish colour for women who want to add some shimmer and shine to their nails without having to worry about them getting dirty. Glitter can be applied using a brush or you can soak your nails in nail polish and then brush the glitter over.

Coloured nails! This look is simply amazing!

The glitter can be applied using a small brush and then painted onto your nails using a polish remover. Glitter can also be added using a nail pencil, although I find it far easier just to use the nail polish remover. You can get glitter in almost every colour of the rainbow, so it is important to pick a colour that you can get a hold of.

Gel nails! This look is also pretty new but has been steadily gaining in popularity. Gel nails are simply where a white substance is applied to the tips of the nails and left to dry. Once this dries the gel then “sews” itself into the nail bed making the nail appear thicker and fuller.

Long fingernails? The good thing about long fingernails is that they are more difficult to apply nail polish to. To achieve the look you can apply a gel to the tips of your finger nails and paint them with the nail polish. After you have painted your fingernails, you will then take a file and grind the fingernail down until it is level with your nail tips. Once you have finished you can then add glitter and hopefully your nails will come out looking beautiful.

Now for some of the more traditional nail trends would you like to try.

First we have acrylic nails, these are applied by applying acrylic paint to the nail plate then adding clear nail polish to it. Once the acrylic is dry you can then add your nail colour and finish.

Nail art is also on the rise. This is where stencils and images are applied to acrylic nails. The best images to use are ones that are bright and have a large size. For a little extra cost you can also get nail designs etched onto the acrylic. All of these nail designs will not only look fantastic but will also be very durable.

Another trend would be to add gemstones to your acrylic nails.

These can be any type of gemstone such as onyx, topaz or quartz.

Many women like to add a gemstone into their nail design to make it look unique. Depending on the price of the gemstone you can spend quite a bit of money to get this done.

There are also many other nail trends would you like to try. Nail designing is something that has been made much easier by the advent of computers. As long as you have an online account you can print off designs and patterns. There are many sites that offer free design software so you can print off all of the designs that you like. Before long you will have acrylic nails done and will have to decide which ones you want to have.

You should think about what color you would like to have for your acrylic nails.

Usually people go with white or pink but these can change a lot. Nail colors are usually determined by what season it is. For instance, in winter green nail designs would be nice. However, if you want to go really green nail designs then you might want to try something different such as a camouflage design.

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