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Product Photography – 3 Great Tips For Better Results

Product photography is the art of taking photographs using certain techniques to effectively and accurately represent your company or products in a marketing environment. Using the latest technology, digital cameras, and other high-tech tools, professional photographers are able to turn even the simplest product images into marketing masterpieces. Capturing your brand’s image in a simple, effective way will help you build trust with your customers and show them that you are one with their needs. Good product photography also increases sales conversions by continuously showing consumers how great your product as is. Here are some tips from an expert photographer on how to improve product photography.

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Before you even begin your product photography shoot, make sure that all lighting options have been carefully evaluated and set up

All too often amateur photographers place fluorescent lights or incandescent bulbs over the model’s eyes and mouth, which make for a less than appropriate image. If you want your product photography to reflect professionalism at its best, a proper amount of lighting is required. Here are some product photography tips to ensure a great shot:

The first product photography tip for photographers using a tripod is to remember to keep your surroundings in the picture in mind. If there are any background elements that could distract from your subject, try to shoot against them. This can be done by adjusting your view to eliminate or reduce the background clutter. Also try not to position your tripod too close to the subject, as this can make the photograph look unnatural and over-posed. Lighting on a tripod is much easier to control, so position your tripod where you feel the shot is the best and most natural. As an alternative, shoot from off-set locations that still create a sense of dimension.

The second product photography tip to keep in mind is to think about the white background

. Many times photographers set up their camera on a tripod that does not have a white backdrop. While the white background makes the product photos look amazing, it can make them flat. Flat images are not appealing to the eye. Try shooting with a white background that has some texture so that the product photos capture a more 3-dimensional appearance.

Another way to create great product photography is to work with the natural light. In order to create this lighting, there are three methods that can be used – natural, indirect, and direct lighting. With natural lighting, light from the sun comes into the lens and bounce back to illuminate your subject. The third product photography tips to remember is to take the proper settings for the conditions of the photo shoot. Settings such as ISO, aperture, and shutter speed should all be adjusted according to what you plan to photograph. When taking the product photos, make sure to not expose the photo too bright or too dim because you might end up losing some of the colors. As long as you have the proper exposure settings, the color will be captured in the image.

Product photography techniques such as white balancing can be used for great product photography. It also helps to use the appropriate background. Using a white card on the camera and a cotton ball underneath can produce some great product photography results. However, do not expect to get a detailed image from the background because the camera usually takes the focus off of the background.

When shooting from a tripod, try to avoid using the flash.

Because the flash causes the photo to become overexposed, you will ruin some of the colors in the image. Instead, place the tripod on a sturdy table that will provide the adequate lighting for the product photography shoot.

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