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Jewellery Photography
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Professional Jewellery Photography

The term “professional jewellery photography” might bring to mind images of wild animals being posed in a studio, but this is far from the truth. In fact, professional jewellery photographers work far more hours than you might imagine. To create professional jewellery photography, the professional photographer needs to possess several key skills.

The first of these is of course having the right equipment.

This might sound obvious, but many amateur photographers think they are capable of taking stunning photographs, but they simply don’t. Professional jewellery photographers work with professional-grade camera equipment that gives them the ability to capture high-quality photographs that will last for years. These professional cameras also allow the professional jewellery photographer to communicate his or her ideas visually. Another key skill needed by a photographer working with jewels is lighting. For example, a wedding ring will require different lighting methods as compared to a necklace.

In addition to lighting, the professional jewellery photographer also needs to know how to frame their images properly.

There is no point in taking great photographs if they are not going to look great sitting on the shelf.

Professional jewellers often use the photojournalism technique, which means that they only show part of a photo in each frame.

Colourimetry refers to the science of converting colours into negatives. A jeweller will be able to tell if a coloured picture is correctly coloured through the hue, saturation and chroma. A good photographer knows how to adjust the colours to create the most vibrant colours possible without making the image too distorted. It also helps to create a realistic look for jewellery pieces and this is where many amateur photographers fail.

Lighting is very important for jewellery photography because it adds depth and dimension to a scene.

In addition to lighting, other things such as shadows and lighting effects should also be considered when one is attempting professional jewellery photography. A good photographer should always take the time to frame their photographs properly.

Professional jewellers are also expected to know how to handle their jewellery and they know how to make jewellery look flawless. When one is photographing jewellery one should remember that they are working with precious materials and should take special care in handling them.

Some people will attend classes once and then choose to go out on their own and begin this incredible business. There are also many websites that will offer training in this field.


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