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Social networking sites have helped us connect to each other. The Internet has helped us meet with old and new friends, travel abroad and meet others with similar interests. It has also helped us get in touch with fashion photographers in Kolkata, the best in the industry. Most of these photographers have been in the business for years. They have honed their skills through trial and error and now are able to show their work to you.

Editorial photography is a subset of fashion photography. Both kinds of photography involved artistic manipulation of photographs, but unlike fashion photography, the commercial photographer employs images purely for commercial purposes. 

Editorial photography is a specific branch of the photography discipline, which seek to highlight visual subject matter, and the human factors behind it. It aims to create aesthetic awareness through a combination of highly trained visual artists and photographic technologies. Editorial photoshoots are generally intended for print publications, advertising, catalogs, websites, corporate/businesses, charities, or exhibitions. Editorial photography is the outcome of a collaboration between the photographer, his client, and the photographic industry.

An editorial photography definition would be a short term description of this field of photography. It is a style of photography which seeks to tell an idea or display a message through photography. Editorial photography can be broadly divided into advertising and news-style photography. It differs from photojournalism in the sense that the purpose of photojournalism is to observe or record events; whereas, the aim of advertising photography is to sell products.

Editorial photography and other visual media products (like images) are commonly taken at a live or real life situation. In this article, top images will be explained as explained below. To see other related articles, search the Web using keywords like editorial photography, images of children, images of pets and the like. This article explains the main difference between editorial and commercial photo use of editorial stock photographs. The main goal is to provide an image that has some human element in it and gives the viewer an idea of the subject as a whole.

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