A.Rrajani Photographer

A-1 Surya Kiran, Model Town,

Near Gyan Kendra School,

Four Bungalows,

Andheri (west), Mumbai-400053

Phone: +91 9820988182
Whatsapp: +91 7045360660

For Clients: a.rrajaniphotographer@gmail.com
For Models: a.rrajaniinfo@gmail.com

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I have come a long way now , I am a Dedicated and energetic Photographer and extremely Well-versed with advanced photography Studio equipments. top female fashion photography in mumbai I have come a long way now , I am a Dedicated and energetic Photographer and extremely Well-versed with advanced photography Studio equipments. modelling portfolio in mumbai I have come a long way now , I am a Dedicated and energetic Photographer and extremely Well-versed with advanced photography Studio equipments. model portrait photography I have come a long way now , I am a Dedicated and energetic Photographer and extremely Well-versed with advanced photography Studio equipments. best modelling portfolio in india I have come a long way now , I am a Dedicated and energetic Photographer and extremely Well-versed with advanced photography Studio equipments.

About us

I Mr. A.Rrajani Was Born in 1984 and Started my passion for photography at the early age of 16  in the year 2000, I Have Now successfully completed 21years of Working As A Professional Fashion, Portfolio, Celebrity, And Advertising Photographer From Mumbai, India. I Am Trained To Concentrate On Innovative Professional Photography Tasks Like Fashion, Acting & Model Portfolio, Glamour, Advertising, Product, Beauty Pageant, Celebrity, Commercial, And Editorials Photographer. I Have My Own Professional Fully Equipped Studio of 1200 Sq.Ft In Prime Location of 4 Bungalows, Andheri (West) Mumbai. This Website Includes Some Of My Works.

I Deal With My Unique Level Of Sensitivity And Imagination, My Photographs Captures Feeling And Sophistication Mixing Drama And Beauty In Haute Couture Context Is A Key Signature Of My Work.


Right Way To Guide You

We are a Photography business that helps and provide constant assistance to aiming aspiring models and actors. Take prior appointments and come to satisfy and discuss your fields of interest with A.Rrajani Photography team and feel totally free to ask questions related to the portfolio shoot. We will be more than happy to answer your query.

All the pictures in our Gallery include Fresher, Established, Celebrities, Actor & Model Portfolio.

Especially for the Freshers Models & Aspiring Actors who face the camera for the very first time. We Understand your nervousness and consciousness, We give a great boost to your confidence in posing and facing the camera and gives you the best possible portfolio. We make you relax and Build your confidence on the day of the shoot and We make certain we get the very best out of you.

We Specializing in amazing portfolio shoots

If you want to make a portfolio to become an actor & model, Come and meet us at Our Studio Will plan, prepare, discuss & suggest makeup, Hairstyle, Trendy & Unique Costumes, Complete guidance is provided for planning out a successful modeling career. to make a good actor & model portfolio for you to meet your specific expectations.

Portfolio Packages


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MONDAY – SUNDAY 8:00am – 10:00 pm




A-1 Surya Kiran, Model Town,

Near Gyan Kendra School,

Four Bungalows,

Andheri (west), Mumbai-400053


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